Linda Cardillo at Cape Pogue_SquareAs a little girl, I sat in my grandmother’s kitchen and listened to her chant the spells that cast out the headaches and the heartaches of the women of the neighborhood who sought her help.  Someone once asked me if I had learned the spells from my grandmother. While I didn’t become a healer in the sense that she was, I hope that I am casting my own magic with the stories that I tell. I invite you to enjoy the latest of my stories…



The Boat House Cafe Cover


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The islanders of Chappaquiddick have a saying:

“Some come here to heal; others to hide.”

Above a crumbling sea wall on the isolated northern tip of Chappaquiddick Island sits a weathered cottage that gives shelter to two families over the course of 75 years.  They come there to bury secrets; to mourn; to grow; and to reconcile.

Each generation finds its own answers on the windswept moors of the island and in the wisdom and love of the Wampanoag—the ancient people who first called the island home and whose name means “People of the First Light.”



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